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Hospital security

A hospital is a place with open access for a large number of people. Both employees, patients and visitors are constantly come and go. It is therefore necessary that a hospital is easily accessible but also safe. The large number of people and the work in the building require professional security. It is very desirable that everyone in a hospital feels safe.

To allow all employees in the hospital to do their work without any hindrance and to provide care, ISM Security Amsterdam provides security that is tailored to the hospital.

Security includes supervision of the building, guarding the site and intervening in case of incidents. In addition, it is of great importance that the security officers of a hospital can respond to unexpected situations and have patience and empathy.

The security guards we use for hospital security are specially selected for this. Securing a hospital requires different competences than regular security.

The hospital security staff are trained to identify undesirable behavior and can deal with problems without employees or visitors being bothered by this. They are prepared for unwanted visitors, but also for visitors or patients who suddenly change their behavior due to a radical event.

ISM Security Amsterdam discusses the possibilities with you and develops a tailor-made security plan for you. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us via 06 – 22 87 62 96 of info@ismsecurity.

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